About Us
Carlborg Antiques was established in 1984 and has operated in both Sydney and France with the aim to offer customer satisfaction in every interaction. Our interest in fine arts & antiques started at an early age. In fact the first antique was purchased  at an auction while still at school. From 1984 to 1999 while still pursuing professional careers our art & antiques emphasis was on education, appreciation, collecting and when possible to participate in fairs. The aim being to become highly respected  art and antiques dealers when retiring from our professional lives.
Carlborg Antiques managed to quickly gain recognition as dealers in fine arts and antiques earning memberships in key industry organisations such as LAPADA, CINOA, AADA and  Associates of  Sotheby's (when they run that program). 

These memberships together with our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction earned us client trust and confidence which resulted in sales of important and valuable objects to customer from all continents. The antiques for sale have been identified, researched and purchased based on our own strict selection criteria or on commission, from a local source or as far away as the Americas.
Today, we  have  chosen not  to trade from a gallery but by appointments, at fairs
and via  internet. We now specialise in quality wine related antiques and collectables, as per samples  displayed in the attached pages.

We look forward to an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with
our clients. Should you have any requests in buying or selling quality wine related  antiques or collectables we would of course be delighted to see if  we can assist.

T'c & C's
Est. 1984